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Welcome to Homeschooling

Welcome to Home Educating Family (HEDUA)! Your presence here indicates that you are interested in the growing community of homeschoolers. If you believe you have a product that would be useful to homeschoolers

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The Homeschool Consumer

Most communities share common interests. As a result, members of those communities pass around the names of businesses with whom they have had good experiences, accentuating the impact of advertising. In the

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Marketing That Works

Homeschooling has not only grown in popularity in recent years, it has also changed. The needs of today’s homeschoolers are not the same as they were even five years ago, much less ten years ago.

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Print Ads in Homeschooling

As the homeschool community gravitates increasingly toward an Internet-based focus, companies may wonder why it is still important to advertise in a homeschooling magazine. What are the benefits? Despite the fact that homeschoolers make strong …

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Print Ads That Impress

Family Magazine’s design team works hard to pair your advertisement with content that will highlight your product’s relevance to our audience. With an advertorial spread, however, you take control of that connection, ensuring that the …

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Reaching Homeschoolers Online

Although conventions are still valued in many respects, the same goals are now accomplished much more quickly, easily, and inexpensively online. Companies are discovering the importance of congregating in a centralized location on the Internet …

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Online Marketing Strategies

As with any close community, homeschoolers understand, trust, and support one another. In order to interact well within this industry, it is important to learn how to show that your brand offers the same support …

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The Social Media Homeschooler

The world of social media constantly fluctuates and changes based on the preferences of the consumer. Some companies find great connection on Twitter while others have much more success with Instagram. Those with beautiful products …

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The Homeschool High Schooler

For years, college-bound high school students in the homeschool community were limited by the need for an accredited program. That, combined with the intimidation of high school courses, led many parents to to cease homeschooling …

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