The Homeschool High Schooler

For years, college-bound high school students in the homeschool community were limited by the need for an accredited program. That, combined with the intimidation of high school courses, led many parents to to cease homeschooling after eighth grade, instead enrolling their children in traditional high school programs.

Persistence & Change

A few homeschoolers persisted despite the challenges, and their graduates proved to be exceedingly competent, even if they did have to fight their way into colleges and universities. Slowly but surely, as those families succeeded, more joined them, and their persistence produced a snowball effect.

  • These persistent homeschool graduates began to make a good impression on professors and colleges. Schools noted the above-average GPAs and SAT/ACT test scores of homeschool graduates, as well as their tendency to be more well rounded than the average student. Former homeschoolers also tended to set the bar for class interaction, intelligent questions, and academic excellence.
  • As homeschool graduates proved themselves, schools became more open to admitting them. Many institutions went a step further by actively pursue homeschool graduates, often even creating dedicated homeschool admissions departments to aid in the recruiting process.
  • As college possibilities and available high school resources have expanded, parents have become increasingly willing to ignore their intimidation, choosing to homeschool through high school. While currently only 35% of homeschool parents are teaching high schoolers, 78% of homeschoolers have solid plans to homeschool through high school.

Resources for the Homeschool High Schooler

HEDUA founder and CEO Rebecca Keliher anticipated this snowball effect and began years ago to create resources for the homeschooled high schooler. But, she also anticipated the need for colleges and high school resource companies to be able to market to the homeschool community. Homeschool parents rely as much on their tight-knit community for high school and college information as they once did during the early learning years. In order for colleges and resource companies to reach out to this trust-driven community, they need a word-of-mouth endorsement from someone they trust.

The Well Planned Gal brand has already earned that trust and now offers to partner with you, the college and resource company, to help meet the needs of today’s homeschooled high schooler. There are several ways to accomplish this partnership.

Print Marketing

While Family Magazine may not specifically target high school families, it is important to understand that homeschool parents constantly think toward the future. Once an academic foundation is laid in the elementary school, parents spend the preparatory middle school years laying the groundwork for high school. By advertising in Family Magazine, colleges and high school resource programs begin to establish a relationship that will form the foundation for all future decisions. If seven impressions are needed before a customer commits to a brand, then consistent advertisement in Family Magazine is the perfect way to provide more than enough impressions in the years leading up to high school!

Of course, many of Family’s readers are already in or near the high school years and are actively seeking help as they navigate the life- or college-prep process. HEDUA publishes Dear Magazine, a publication specifically designed for young women in their high school and college years, to reach these families. Repeated impressions in both publications, in addition to the already established trust of the Well Planned Gal brand, combine to form a powerful marketing tool for companies wishing to reach the homeschooled high schooler.

Web Marketing

Homeschool parents put a great deal of time and energy into researching and discovering the best options for their students, and the high school years offer no exception to this rule. Whether it is seeking out the best curriculum, helping their student pursue an interest, or researching top colleges, parents will go to great lengths to discover the best options available. HEDUA’s goal is to create a one-stop location that will save parents time and energy while also connecting them with highly trusted brands.

That one-stop location is HEDUA’s Homeschool Friendly Programs listings. The sole purpose of this site is to connect companies like yours with parents and students seeking the most excellent resources available. By purchasing a Homeschool Friendly Programs listing, you not only make your information easily accessible within the homeschool industry, but you also become part of the most comprehensive resource listing site in existence for homeschool families.

Direct-to-Door Marketing

The most effective way to market within the homeschool industry, however, is through our direct-to-door marketing. Unlike mass mail-outs through USPS or bag stuffing at conventions, our direct-to-door marketing program assures that your insert will be seen and handled by the recipient.

When a HEDUA customer purchases a product from the Well Planned Gal shop, we include high quality inserts from our partners in every box. These inserts vary widely based on the company and can include anything from a brochure or information card to a small free gift such as a pen or pencil, decal, or game.

To ensure that your inserts reach high school students, your company can utilize HEDUA’s Targeted Inserts to reach the specific demographic of your choice. Choose to target a specific grade level, geographic region, or even state, depending on the audience you wish to reach.

HEDUA’s high school marketing resources offer the best avenue by which you can access the tight-knit homeschool community and share your product, resources, or school within the industry. So, contact us today to determine how to best connect with Well Planned Gal’s high school audience!