Marketing That Works

Homeschooling has not only grown in popularity in recent years, it has also changed. The needs of today’s homeschoolers are not the same as they were even five years ago, much less ten years ago. But, since its founding in 2007, HEDUA has stayed ahead of the curve, meeting the needs of today’s homeschool mom while anticipating and preparing for tomorrow. HEDUA’s founder Rebecca Keliher understands the need for the Well Planned Gal brand to fit with the traditional concept of marketing within the homeschool community, but also anticipates what will resonate with the newest generation of homeschoolers in coming years.

Marketing Options

This is why HEDUA offers a wide range of advertising opportunities for our partners, including print, web, and direct mail options. Homeschooling families respond to advertisements on all forms of media, just like any other audience, ensuring that web, print, and targeted marketing are all effective methods of reaching the homeschool community. The key is to place those ads in the right locations, so that homeschool families not only see them, but also end up transferring their trust of the venue to the company advertising through it.


HEDUA’s print marketing includes placement in Family Magazine, a beautifully designed, bi-monthly publication created to engage, encourage, and challenge the homeschool community. With ad sizes ranging from a third of a page to a two-page advertorial spread, Family Magazine provides a beautiful space for companies to market their products.

Perhaps your company would like to reach more than just the homeschool community. Coming in 2016, HEDUA’s brand new Well Planned Field Trips offer readers a glimpse into the plethora of regional destinations available for homeschoolers as well as private and Christian educators. Or perhaps you are looking for an audience of young women. With powerful articles, beautiful images, and delightful DIYs, Dear Magazine is designed to reach young women between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one.

Direct to Door

HEDUA’s targeted, direct-to-door marketing offers another print option. With thousands of packages shipped from HEDUA’s offices each year to homeschoolers around the globe, your brochures are guaranteed to reach their intended audience. And, because these brochures are packaged with the Well Planned Gal products that homeschool families already know and love, they receive more attention than might be possible through direct mailing or convention bag stuffing.


With the growth of the Internet, there is another demographic of homeschool families to reach. Fortunately, HEDUA offers a range of web marketing options to meet the needs of the Internet-based homeschool family. Our e-mail marketing puts the trusted name of Well Planned Gal behind your advertisement. Be the sole advertiser in HEDUA’s weekly e-newsletter, show how your product fits with specific topics by securing an ad banner in our themed e-blast, or purchase a spot in our twice-weekly dedicated e-blasts. No matter what option you choose, enjoy an above-average open rate, thanks to the trust homeschoolers place in the Well Planned Gal brand.

In addition to e-mail marketing, HEDUA publishes Leaderboard ads across, presenting your branding presence alongside our own. We also provide web listings, pairing your resources with articles and information created especially for high school and college students.

By allowing the Well Planned Gal brand to be a platform for your product, your business shares in the trust HEDUA has already built within the homeschool community. Homeschool families are exponentially more likely to consider your product or service to be appropriate for homeschoolers, simply by virtue of your choice of marketing venue.

Contact HEDUA today to learn more about the various marketing opportunities we offer for companies just like yours!