Online Marketing Strategies

Welcome to the most effective avenue for online marketing in the homeschool industry. When you partner with HEDUA and the Well Planned Gal brand, you secure the backing of a trusted name in this tight-knit community.

As with any close community, homeschoolers understand, trust, and support one another. In order to interact well within this industry, it is important to learn how to show that your brand offers the same support and understanding, even as you market your product. With that in mind, here are a few ways to best utilize the marketing options available to you through HEDUA.

Create Awareness

Even with the trusted influence of Well Planned Gal offering your company an introduction to the homeschool industry, it is still critical for you to let this new audience know what to expect from your brand. In order to accomplish this, you need impressions. Research indicates that seven impressions are needed before a customer will purchase a product. HEDUA’s Leaderboard web ads are a great way to obtain those impressions!

Leaderboard ads are visible across So, while our customers are exploring Well Planned Gal’s practical tips for family life and organization, reading articles of encouragement and support, or shopping for the latest product from the Well Planned Gal brand, they are simultaneously seeing your ad and being reminded that you are a trusted brand in homeschooling.

Designing Your Ad

When designing your Leaderboard ad, consider these tips for ensuring that your impressions are positive and inviting:

  • Make your brand name clear so it can be noticed at a glance. Also keep that image consistent across any print, web, or direct-to-door marketing through HEDUA to allow your impressions to multiply.
  • In a bold, but clear and simple, graphic-text combination, give the audience enough information to know that your product will be beneficial to them. Be inviting and compelling. Make the audience want to click on your ad for more information.
  • Create a landing page that explains your brand. If a brand new reader clicks on your ad only to be sent to your main site, they often will not take the time to wade through all your information.  

Direct Sell

As beneficial as impressions are, the goal of any company is to sell their product. HEDUA’s best avenue for direct selling is through our e-mail marketing packages. Whether you utilize space in HEDUA’s twice-weekly dedicated e-blast, take part in our themed e-blasts, or reserve one of our weekly e-newsletter banners, HEDUA’s e-mail marketing allows you to send your product directly to our audience’s inbox.

Designing Your Ad

Here are a few ways to make the most of e-mail marketing in partnership with Well Planned Gal:

  • Keep your image consistent with the impressions you have already made through web or print advertising.
  • Build brief, attention-grabbing text and graphics. While you do not want the appearance of your content to be obnoxiously bold, you do want it to snag the eye as readers skim their latest Well Planned Gal e-mail.
  • Make your call to action clear. Your goal is to get the readers to click on your offer, so provide a single option and encourage the click.
  • Build a simple landing page leading directly to the freebie or product you wish to emphasize. This will be the customer’s first impression of your site, so make it a great one! Offer the option to explore more, but keep this page simple and easy to navigate.

As you contemplate what one item to sell in your e-blast, consider this: an e-mail address is more valuable and long term than a cash sale. So, no matter what products exchange hands, make sure that you sell in exchange for an e-mail address.

Build an E-blast List

Why is it more important to obtain e-mail addresses than to close sales through your e-mail campaign? An e-blast campaign sale is often a one-time event, but an e-mail address opens the door to an on-going relationship. In the homeschool community, a solid relationship produces the primary avenue through which repeat sales are made.

HEDUA’s e-mail list reaches far into the homeschool community, and the trust homeschoolers have in the Well Planned Gal brand ensures that an above-average percentage of HEDUA e-mails are opened and read. When you purchase an e-mail marketing package through HEDUA, you gain immediate access to verified homeschool customers, saving you the task of building an e-mail list from scratch.

Designing Your Ad

Instead of selling a product in your HEDUA e-mail marketing campaign, consider offering a free download in exchange for the prospective customer’s e-mail address. The cost of the campaign and the effort to create a download are a small price to pray for that on-going relationship and all the resulting future sales.

Implement Follow-up Strategies

It is important to have a follow-up plan to implement immediately as you acquire new customers and e-mail addresses through your HEDUA marketing campaign.

Designing Your Follow-Up

Here are a few strategies for following up, and therefore growing, your new homeschool customer base.

  • Send a welcome e-mail to newcomers before adding them to your main list. This personal touch reinforces relationship and boosts traffic. Your new customers are still discovering your brand, so welcome e-mails frequently have a much higher open rate than the average e-mail newsletter. (Better yet, send a short series of welcome e-mails.)
  • Once you add customers to your main list, be consistent in your e-mail marketing. Be careful not to flood inboxes, but also do not let too much time elapse before communicating with your subscribers.
  • Continue to focus on relationship building through your on-going communication. Share announcements and information with your subscribers first. Invite communication. Establish a Facebook page for interaction. Start an Instagram account for personal touches.
  • Maintain a visible partnership with HEDUA as you follow up. Remember, this is a close-knit community! If customers feel that you only partnered with HEDUA long enough to snag a few e-mail addresses, their loyalty will wane. But, if they see you as a continued friend of the Well Planned Gal brand, their loyalty for Well Planned Gal will grow to be shared with your brand as well.

Analyze Response

Ultimately, no campaign is worth the energy unless it is successful. But what is successful when it comes to online marketing?

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to evaluate the success of an impression-based campaign such as a Leaderboard web ad or magazine print ad. This is why our advertising packages are such a great deal – they give you the chance to combine an impression-based campaign with a direct sell campaign, providing the visibility you need before you offer a call to action.

A direct sell campaign does have measurable results. If your call to action was the purchase of a product, how many items did you sell? If it was a free download, how many readers took advantage of the offer? Do views of your landing page count? Stats like these represent your conversion rate.

An average e-blast conversion rate is between 0.3% and 0.5%. That means you can expect about 1 out of every 200 to 300 recipients to actually do what you ask in your e-blast. That may not seem like a lot, but when you multiple that over 50,000 to 100,000 readers, those numbers do add up! But remember, HEDUA e-blasts go out to homeschoolers who already trust the Well Planned Gal brand and know that our promotions meet real needs. As a result, HEDUA’s conversion rate often runs as much as four times higher than the average e-blast conversion rate!

For more recommendations about how to maximize your HEDUA marketing campaign, contact us today!