Print Ads That Impress

Family Magazine print ads are one of the most effective long-term marketing investments a company desiring to reach the homeschool industry can make. And, among HEDUA’s print ad options, there is no better bang for your buck than an advertorial.

What is an Advertorial?

Family Magazine’s design team works hard to pair your advertisement with content that will highlight your product’s relevance to our audience. With an advertorial spread, however, you take control of that connection, ensuring that the article content does more than draw attention to your product – it reinforces a solid need for the product.

To create an advertorial, you submit three separate components:

  • one full page ad with information about your products and services
  • a 500-600 word article, submitted as editable word doc (not PDF)
  • a 1/3 page vertical ad with a call to action that ties the full page ad and article together

Once these components are submitted, the Family Magazine team will copy-edit your article and assemble a beautiful two-page spread that will attract the attention of our readers.

Advertorials and the Reader

When a reader opens the magazine to your advertorial spread, she reads an article that resonates with her, addressing needs and problems she faces every day. Bordering the article is the full-page ad on the left-hand side to introduce your product and the one-third page ad on the right-hand side letting her know how she can solve the problem she just read about in your article.

This presentation accomplishes several goals:

  • First, the article itself does not have to “sell” your product. Instead, you have the freedom to simply connect with Family’s audience through your article, thus raising your credibility. The selling job is left in the hands of your ad artwork.
  • Secondly, rather than simply presenting information, the article begins to build a direct relationship with the reader. All of Well Planned Gal’s marketing options provide an avenue through which you can automatically gain the trust of the tight-knit homeschool audience. But, an advertorial takes you a step further by allowing you to communicate your understanding of and support for the homeschool community.
  • Finally, the entire spread keeps the reader’s focus on your advertisement for longer than normal. If seven impressions are required before a customer purchases a product, an advertorial spread introduces several of those impressions simply by slowing the reader down. She looks at the full page ad, reads the article, examines the full page ad again, then turns her attention to the smaller ad for additional information. This automatically increases her understanding of your product’s value.

Designing a Solid Advertorial

With this in mind, contemplate these points as you create your components:

  • Consider longevity. Remember that homeschool families treasure their copies of Family Magazine, keeping them for years and sharing solid content with friends. So, do not limit your article to a time-encapsulated need. Instead, create something that families will read, relate to, and share for years to come.
  • Coordinate efforts. If at all possible, encourage communication between the article author and the artwork designer. Make sure the information and call to action in your graphics truly connect with the article.
  • Include links. Including a link or QR code to a free download allows you to capture e-mails and evaluate response.

If you are ready to begin building a relationship with HEDUA’s audience, contact one of our sales associates today!