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Print Runs
  • 10,000 - Family Magazine
  • 10,000 - Coupon Book
Family Magazine Distribution
  • 70% - Direct Mail
  • 15% - Events
  • 15% - Box Inserts
Coupon Book Distribution
  • 100% - Box Inserts

Family Magazine

for Home Educators
Family Magazine is a bi-monthly print publication connecting you to the homeschooling community. Since 2007, Family Magazine has engaged the homeschool audience with relevant, useful, and beautifully designed content.

2019 Coupon Book

View 2018 Coupon Book Sample

Home Educating Family Association (HEDUA) is excited to share the success of the 2018 Coupon Book! Our homeschool families have expressed gratitude for the savings as well as information on new products and services.

The 2019 Coupon Book is now accepting new ad placements.
Spacing is limited and the deadline for purchase is 11/21/18.

Beginning January 1, the 2019 Coupon Books will begin shipping to over 10,000 families through-out the year. In addition, these coupon books will be shipped to local homeschool tutorials, used book shows, and convention events. This is a fantastic way to get your company products and services in front of current homeschooling families!