Reaching Homeschoolers Online

Once upon a time, conventions offered the ultimate location for gathering information about homeschool resources, discovering techniques for teaching, and building community with fellow homeschoolers. Although conventions are still valued in many respects, the same goals are now accomplished much more quickly, easily, and inexpensively online. Companies are discovering the importance of congregating in a centralized location on the Internet as well as at geographically based conventions.

The Centralized Location

HEDUA not only provides one of the most trusted resource brands in homeschooling, it also serves as an online platform for a wide variety of brands to interact with the homeschool community. Knowing that different companies have different needs, HEDUA offers a range of online marketing options in one centralized location.

Web Leaderboard

Consumers must gain familiarity with a company before placing their trust in any new brand. In order to establish familiarity and earn truth, a company does well to invest in impression-based ads before attempting to secure customers through direct sales. Web and mobile versions of Leaderboard ads on offer a fantastic avenue for impression-based marketing. As our readers browse the site for encouragement, practical help, and Well Planned Gal products, they also see your Leaderboard ad. Even if they do not actively click on your ad and transfer over to your site, each time they see your ad they receive the message that you are a trusted homeschool resource provider. Consequently, when they have a need that your brand will meet, your company will already be foremost in their mind.

Social Media Marketing

It can be hard to keep up with which social media platform is most effective in the homeschool community at any given time. Even so, social media is a great source of impressions and a solid avenue for developing relationships within a community that values relationships and trust very highly. For this reason, HEDUA works hard to keep up with the latest trends. When you purchase a marketing package that includes a social media option, you take advantage of HEDUA’s efforts and ensure that your social media campaign is in the most effective spot available in the homeschool industry.

E-Mail Marketing

Once you have impressed your brand upon HEDUA’s audience, you are ready to make a more direct offer, encouraging customers to purchase your product. Our e-mail marketing options provide a fantastic avenue through which you can encourage active responses to your advertising.

  • Dedicated E-blasts mail out every Tuesday and Thursday. Featuring a variety of companies, these e-blasts send you directly to the inbox of 50,000 of our subscribers.
  • Weekly E-newsletter Banners are sent to all 100,000 of our subscribers. When you purchase an e-newsletter banner, customers receive an e-mail from the trusted Well Planned Gal brand highlighting your company. Because you are the sole advertiser in these weekly e-mails, readers are fully focused on your brand and offer.
  • Themed E-blasts provide the opportunity to show how your product meets a specific needs. Dedicated to a certain topic, this form of e-mail marketing provides you the flexibility to match your budget to an image size or position while ensuring that your brand is identified with the highlighted topic.
Homeschool Friendly Programs

One of the greatest challenges in homeschooling is finding programs and resources to meet needs. Because homeschoolers do not have the automatic provision of a school district, they must find their own sources for activities such as music, sports, extracurricular interests, clubs, speech programs, dual enrollment options, test prep classes, and so much more. These resources can be difficult to find without the right connection. On the other side of the coin, programs often have difficulty getting the word out among homeschoolers. HEDUA’s Homeschool Friendly Programs listing brings programs and homeschoolers together. When you list your program with HEDUA, you have the opportunity to directly connect with homeschoolers in your area and beyond.

Whether you choose an individual marketing option or one of our great packages, HEDUA is here to help you reach the online homeschool community. Contact one of our sales associates today to find out what option is best for you!