The Homeschool Consumer

Most communities share common interests. As a result, members of those communities pass around the names of businesses with whom they have had good experiences, accentuating the impact of advertising. In the homeschool community, however, the opposite is true. Word of mouth lays the foundation, without which the advertising accomplishes little. Faced with that reality, is it truly beneficial for companies to market to homeschoolers, especially if they have no pre-existing relationship in the homeschool community?

Getting to Know the Homeschool Community

To answer that question, it is important to first explain more about the homeschool community. For years, parents who desired to homeschool their children were forced to fight for that right. They fought against anti-homeschooling laws, often enduring jail time due to their firm belief in their right to homeschool. Many sought to enable homeschooling through legal channels, creating foundations that served as umbrella schools.

Through this process, families discovered brands and organizations willing to help in their fight. Because these brands built relationships with parents, standing with and equipping them, homeschoolers became fiercely loyal to these brands.

The freedom to homeschool is now widespread and becoming more mainstream. But, the community that formed in those early days remains strong even now. Veteran homeschoolers pass down their wisdom to newcomers. Homeschool graduates are now homeschooling their own children and, in some cases, are beginning to welcome a third generation of homeschoolers.

Introductions to the Community

Because they have dedicated their lives to this unique way of life, homeschoolers understand each other in a way that those outside the community simply cannot. This bond creates a strong sense of trust in what other homeschooling parents have to say about products and services they have purchased. Consequently, word-of-mouth endorsement has only grown in strength, continuing to provide a much more important role in the buying decisions of homeschooling families than it does in other communities.

This may paint a rather overwhelming picture for companies hoping to introduce themselves within the homeschool industry. There are three reasons these brands should not back down from this endeavor.

Homeschoolers are brand loyal. Any brand that proves itself to be truly homeschool friendly will gain fiercely loyal customers. These customers will be excited about each new product the brand releases and will enthusiastically participate in word-of-mouth promotion whenever possible.

Homeschoolers are close knit. The word-of-mouth promotion works because homeschoolers trust one another. They have relationships with each other, and they extend trust to anyone a friend trusts.

Homeschoolers share with one another. Word of mouth can only be relied upon if a company knows without a doubt that their message will be shared. Homeschoolers love to share with one another! If they have found a great brand, they will tell every other homeschooler they know.

The Well Planned Gal brand is well-known and loved in the homeschool community. Additionally, HEDUA’s staff consists of parents and graduates from within the homeschool community – individuals who have the ear of their fellow homeschoolers. So, when your brand partners with HEDUA, you automatically obtain the brand loyalty and sharing as well, quickly becoming a part of the tight-knit homeschool community.

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