The Social Media Homeschooler

The world of social media constantly fluctuates and changes based on the preferences of the consumer. Some companies find great connection on Twitter while others have much more success with Instagram. Those with beautiful products to offer might discover a home on Pinterest, while those who seek discussion and interaction gravitate toward Facebook. And, of course, what succeeds today will be different tomorrow!

Why Market on Social Media

Preferences within the homeschool community ebb and flow, as with any other consumer group. Even so, social media is a great marketing avenue for companies wishing to connect with the homeschool community. Marketing to the homeschool community through social media helps you achieve several important objectives.

  • Social media keeps your brand in front of the consumer in a very interactive way. Because newsfeeds are full of friends and the people your audience interacts with on a daily basis, your brand becomes a part of that circle.  
  • Marketing in this manner gives customers insight into your products that might not be available through advertising or your website. Consumers glimpse the more personal side of your brand and products, creating a connection with their daily lives.
  • With the click of a mouse, customers move directly from a social media feed to your website – and directly to the page you want to highlight.  
  • Social media notifications make it easy to directly interact with your customer in a conversational manner, allowing relationships to be built, feedback to be exchanged, and customer service to be improved.

Reaching Your Target Audience

As with any aspect of marketing within the homeschool industry, it is critical to know which platforms most effectively reach your intended audience. It is not enough to simply have a social media presence. You must earn the trust of homeschoolers in order to become a part of the community and achieve your marketing goals. This is where your partnership with HEDUA once again offers you an avenue for success.

In order to best interact with our audience, HEDUA’s staff works hard to stay on top of the best marketing techniques and avenues for reaching the homeschool community. Well Planned Gal’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter follows the ebb and flow of the homeschool community. When you purchase one of HEDUA’s advertising package plans, you gain access to Well Planned Gal’s brand presence on social media and make use of HEDUA’s trusted name to obtain maximum visibility.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

As you design and plan your marketing partnership with HEDUA, consider these strategies for making a powerful impact:

  • Design: The Well Planned Gal brand is known for beautiful, eye-catching design. As you create your social media marketing concept, follow that example by presenting an image that will grab a mom’s attention as she quickly skims through her newsfeed.
  • Compel: You may only have a quick glance to communicate your message. Consider using brief, relational questions readers will want to stop and answer. Or, give them a compelling reason to take the time to click your link and visit your website.
  • Interact: After your post goes live, check on it often so you can interact with readers who comment. Be interactive, communicative, and encouraging to moms who take the time to comment.
  • Invite: Remember, the Well Planned Gal audience consists of busy moms who are spending a brief moment of their time on social media. Perhaps they are taking a break, or maybe they popped on to find an answer to a question about what they are dealing with in that moment. So, as you contemplate your design and create a landing page for your product, keep it simple and inviting. Let your reader know that a quick visit is welcomed, giving her solid information, but also providing good cause for her to submit her e-mail address and extend the relationship.  
  • Share: Above all, encourage sharing. In the tight-knit, word-of-mouth homeschool community, getting readers to share information with their friends is the best way to build a rapport and grow an audience. By providing encouragement, incentives, or even a light-hearted moment of humor, you motivate moms to share with moms.

When you purchase a HEDUA advertising package that includes social media marketing, you step into a new dimension of interaction with the homeschool community. Contact us today to see how you can take advantage of this relationship-building side of marketing.