Web Marketing

Expanding Your Online Presence

Online Presence

  • 20% Annual Growth
  • 400,000+ Unique Visitors Yearly
  • 37,000 Unique Visitors Monthly
1 Month
3 Months (Save 20%)
6 Months (Save 35%)
12 Months (Save 50%)
Each Post

Web Leaderboard

Leaderboard ads are featured at the top of nearly every page throughout wellplannedgal.com, giving branding presence to homeschool products and companies. Our responsive website also allows your ads to be prominently visible through mobile devices.

Sponsored Post Package

Inform and promote your brand to the Well Planned Gal homeschool audience though a sponsored post. A blog post can convey your brand philosophy, list helpful tips for using your product, or promote awareness of new resources. Package Includes:
  • Permanent post on Well Planned Gal
  • Post included in search and applicable categories
  • Two (2) social media posts, one morning and one evening, on the day following your published post, followed by an immediate week long boost and follow-up boosts at 3, 6, and 9 months after post publication
  • Links to product, site, or brand included within post
  • Dedicated company page with list of all sponsored posts
  • Custom author information with links to company page
  • Post image provided by Well Planned Gal
Limited availability. Check with a HEDUA sales associate for more information.