Welcome to Homeschooling

Welcome to Home Educating Family (HEDUA)! Your presence here indicates that you are interested in the growing community of homeschoolers. If you believe you have a product that would be useful to homeschoolers but are not quite sure how to break into the tight homeschool industry, you have come to the right place!

A Community of Trust

Because they have dedicated their lives to this unique way of life, homeschoolers understand each other in a way that those outside the community simply cannot. This bond creates a strong sense of trust in what other homeschooling parents have to say about products and services they have purchased. Consequently, word of mouth has traditionally played a much more important role in the buying decisions of homeschooling families than it does in other communities.

With this in mind, standard advertising principles do little to impact the homeschool industry. Instead, homeschool families gravitate toward companies they relate to and trust. At one time, this trust was only built through word-of-mouth interactions with friends or via relationships built at conventions. As the community has grown, however, many more resources have become available online and conventions, while still valued, have become less critical. Trust is still essential, but it can be built in new and different ways, including partnership with a trusted organization whose introduction is as reliable as those original word-of-mouth interactions.

Partnering with Well Planned Gal

The Well Planned Gal brand was born from within this tight-knit community. As a second-generation homeschooler herself, Well Planned Gal Rebecca has long had a hand on the pulse of the homeschool industry, understanding current needs and perceiving future trends. As a result, since 2007, HEDUA’s primary focus has been to provide real help for moms in the areas of planning and organization. Over the years, HEDUA has used this foundation to establish a trust in this hard-to-reach industry.

In addition to building that trust, HEDUA has utilized Rebecca’s vision of future trends to anticipate the needs of a new generation of homeschoolers, producing innovative products and services to meet the needs of modern homeschool families.

Now, HEDUA offers to extend that trust and innovative foundation to companies desiring to reach the homeschool industry. When your company partner with HEDUA, homeschoolers automatically connect your products with their trust in the Well Planned Gal brand. HEDUA stands as the trusted friend within the homeschool community, offering the word-of-mouth endorsement homeschoolers embrace.

This endorsement conquers the limitations of standard advertising methods within the homeschool community, restoring the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.

Contact us today to learn more about partnering with HEDUA to become a part of the homeschool industry.